Our History


We know what the public likes and that is what we offer. In the design of our garments, our pattern making is an important part, made with a size that over the years has been perfected to meet the demands of our customers.

We design by computer, but we do not give up the paper and pencil when it comes to discovering new ideas or shapes that may please the end customer. Cuts and colours oriented to make those who wear our garments feel at ease.


In addition, we put our knowledge of sportswear design at the service of our customers when they want a special garment. Collectives such as schools, sports clubs, companies, associations… need a sign of identity, and we offer it to them. Each area has special characteristics in terms of tastes in colours and fabrics; we adapt to the needs of our customers to create garments that fit perfectly with their wishes.

We guarantee the maintenance of the models until the customer decides to change.


We know that a product has to be supported by a great service, that’s why we dedicate our best effort to satisfy our customers, not only in quality but also in giving them a careful service. We try every day to improve in order to shorten delivery times. For this purpose, we have the appropriate facilities in an ideal location to avoid wasting time.

Service also means finding the best fabrics for our customers and designing the best garments to meet their needs.

Challenge us, we know how to answer in Ditex